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In the 2018 season, Joannidis played 14 games, and 9 were first. Although there is not much defense (439 files), his output is considerable, and a total of 7.5 times (career new height) and 11 quarter-break strikes. In the past two seasons in the past two seasons, Johnnidis has played 14 games, completed 12 killing, 28 quarter-shot impact.

Cruz will have a week to prepare for the team's game against the New York jet. Many years ago, it is the excellent performance in the preseason in the array of jets to help him from a new show to the giant star player. .

Red skin and defensive end of Joannidis for 3 years
Beijing April 18, US Time Thursday morning, according to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters reported that Hongki and defensive end Matt - Johnnidis renewed for 3 years. The contract will have a fundamental salary of 21.75 million US dollars, of which 14 million is guaranteed. The contract also includes $ 3 million in incentive bonus clause.

The black leopard line Guise after surgery recovery progress smoothly
When Carolina Black Leopard, THOMAS Davis is reasonably born in the super bowl after arm fracture, he gets all the attention, his teammate line Wei Luke-Chuck (Luke Kuechly) is also impressive. After he was injured on the regular season, he took the hurt the whole playoff.

Cherlas will connect to Bill and Lions
According to Ian Rapoport, the current Indianapolis pony offensive cutainee in front of the free players will be at this Wednesday. Viscribe to Buffalo, and negotiated with the Detroit lion on weekends.

"It will not be relaxed in the rest of the time," Cruz said to the New York Media. "I know what will happen, either it is either on me. I am very excited. This is not a serious injury. This is the difficulty I can overcome. This is the injury of huge disorders."

The knee is not his absence this cause of the Jacksonville American tiger competition. Cruz injured in the training of Monday and was injured in the past two days since he was called "minor injury". He has not participated in training in the past two days.

Jones hopes to return in the 11th week, but Neil has been reimbursed because of the knee cross-ligament torn, and Allen tears. Falcon's defensive group retreats, and the averaging is 30.5 points, and the ranking is the third.

Victor - Kruz will not be able to play the next episode
New York Giants Entry WikDo-Cruz This week said that he was "affirmed" this week, he was ready to play, he also said that his knee feels 100% rehabilitation after the long recovery Cheap Jerseys From China the tear of the tear. However, he is unlikely to return to the court in the next preseason.

Falcon's main coach Dan - Kuinn believes that the team still has excellent strength, the team boss Arthur Blank said, lack of line Weidian-Jones, security guards Keanu Neal and the effect of Ricardo Allen is not small.

Pony Zuoi is not participating in the knee injury
After the four-point guardian Andrew Luck entered the injury reserve list, the unfortunate of the pony did not end. The first left cut, Anthony Castonzo, due to the lack of training due to knee injury, may not be able to play the game for Dragon.

Pony this season has used four kinds of offensive front line staff, and the 88 games after Rak came to Pony have been configured in 42. As the alliance released the most offensive front line, Castesso's absence will only be snow.

Casteo is the first round show in 2011, the first 97 regular sessions (continuous first 66 games). Since the seven season, only 7 games have been absent, four times in the 2011 season (ankle injury), 3 times in 2015 (knee ligament sprain).

Cherlas gave a 16 game for Pony in 2013, but the Performance of Cheriffus last season has caused him to play 13 games. According to the data given by Profootball Focusing Website (ProfootballFocus), in the 84 offensive cut off, Cherlaus is only in the 70th place in the qualified entry ranking.

When maintaining health, Chicley and Davis are NFL's best overlay combination of the audience. Both people bring injuries to the break, but when the black panther tries to shock the fourth consecutive National Liannan District championship, the two should not be affected by the injury.

Brack said: "Not looking for excuses, just statement. Injury takes our excellent players. Like baseball, the pitcher in the middle of the court, the second base, the Chinese and foreign wilders are very important. Allen, Ni Bo and Jones are equivalent to the middle of our defensive group, which does have a lot of affected. And they have a good communication ability, not just outstanding, and others can arrange others in the correct position & hellip; & hellip Our defense does not lack talent, but you need to arrange them in the most suitable position, give them a maximum space of the talents, don't have a short board in the lack of experience, this is also the coach to do it. "

Six weeks have been accepted by Chuckle. He said that he will return to the scheduled return after two weeks ago. "It feels very good so far. I have stayed in the training room most of the time," said the official website of the team. "I feel better, restore it. This is a process, which is very good. We recovered according to the plan."