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Singapore PR Specialist Pte Ltd is a consultancy company that makes a speciality of aiding our clients to place up their application for Permanent Residency & Citizenship in Singapore. As knowledgeable consultancy firm, we assist you by creating an intensive plan of motion to take as much as Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

As an instance by means of example in a DTA context, suppose that a Singapore company is to receive a dividend from Japan. The domestic rate of withholding tax in Japan is slightly over 20% on dividends that are paid to non-residents. Beneath the Singapore / Japan DTA, this charge will be reduced to as little as 5%. As a practical matter, the Japanese company paying the dividend will want some degree of assurance that this decrease price is to be utilized. It is mostly the case that the payer of income is liable for any underpayment of withholding tax. This assurance is supplied in the form of a COR produced by the Singapore recipient. In some jurisdictions, providing a COR is an administrative requirement which should be satisfied earlier than a payer can withhold at a DTA fee.

- For each supporting doc, make a scanned or duplicate copy, as you may required to upload the scanned copies.

- If you have any doc that isn't in English, it's essential to translate to an official English and the safest strategy is to get translated and stamped by way of embassy.

- Employment appointment letters, efficiency evaluation experiences, advice letters are vital.

- Embrace alongside document when you buy a property in Singapore, this shall be consider as a optimistic factor.

- Attach a copy of latest Resume/CV.

- Lastly, put together a cover letter whereby you may articulate your love for Singapore, financially and family stable.

Step 3 : Completing the PR software Kind