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Reflexology idea alleges that reflex points on the foot, hand or ear correspond to areas of the body and/or organs. Charts with organs superimposed on the foot, hand or ear allege to map these points. This monograph refers solely to foot reflexology, but can be utilized to infer to every type. Utilizing the chart as a guide, the practitioner probes the theorized reflex points and questions the client. (The chart does not indicate particular diseases or diagnoses however the supposed location of he downside. a differential analysis of a selected disease, however the placement of a disease.)
Instructions from a "how to" handbook tells the reflexologist what to do as her/she probes the foot:

Disturbances in temper will happen if particular elements of the mind are affected. A severe lack of appetite could follow a stroke, and the bodily limitations caused by stroke could result in depression. William didn't suffer extreme signs reminiscent of these; however, his self-confidence was negatively affected by the loss of management he skilled after his stroke, i.e. not having the ability to drive or work. William was very optimistic as soon as his situation had been diagnosed, as he regarded this as a warning sign for him to slow down.

- Be sure to dilute essential oils appropriately before making use of them to your feet.
- Keep away from utilizing essential oils on infants. If you need to, be sure you dilute them at a lower concentration than what you'd use for yourself. Please read: Essential Oils for Infants.
- Always remember to go to your doctor in case you are going through any concerning health points. Getting a proper diagnosis is important. You could then start using natural cures corresponding to important oils, alongside with your prescription medicine, to begin your healing course of.

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